BIO2000 Fact Sheet

UVHealth launches the BIO2000 in-duct air purifier.

Advanced 3 stage Air filtration to combat airborne virus, bacteria, mould, odours commonly found in ventilation systems.

With over whelming focus to implement measures to reduce the Airborne transmission risk of COVID-19, UVHealth has released the BIO1000 & BIO2000 product’s, The BIO2000 is designed with advanced 3 stage filtration UVC-GI, PCO, Carbon.

UVhealth products go beyond COVID and Airborne viruses, addressing odour removal, Mould inhibition, Bacteria and other VOC’s.

Managing IAQ issues and more recently COVID-19 risks in all facilities and buildings has proven complex and difficult, while not one solution holds the key to a cure, the BIO2000 platform allows facilities such as Schools, Offices (Small, medium & Large), Aged-Care providers, Accommodation & Hospitality, Retail outlets, Health and specialist precincts to know that they have taken a key step in the path to providing a safer built environment for their staff, tenants, Students & Visitors.

The BIO2000 in duct design provides a focused environment to achieve fast & effective results directly in the Air Path of your ventilation system minimising risks and maximising its effectiveness, bosting a market leading VU-C intensity, Greater PCO filtration capacity and large carbon filtration capacity in quick and simple installation, Ensuring the Air you breathe is cleaner, safer & Healthier.

find out more – BIO2000 Fact sheet and via our website

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